The Charter of the Alice Foundation

Primates in Paradise

The Alice Foundation combines man's love of primates with man's love of happy hour. This peace-loving drinking club, founded in the Summer of 2001, meets each Monday around 5PM for happy hour at the Green Parrot Bar in Key West. Alice the stuffed monkey serves as the group's righteous and official mascot. Her name was derived from the lyrics of the Foundation's anthem, "Willin'" by the Southern rock band Little Feat in which singer/songwriter Lowell George wailed about a truck driver's girlfriend saying, "I'm drunk and I'm dirty but don't you know, Oh Alice....Alice, Alice!"

But anyway, Alice has been befriended by many people. She appears at every weekly meeting with the exception of the times when she is traveling, which she seems to do a lot of these days. With her Conch Republic passport, faux leather bikini, tiny suitcase and aviator hat, she has made numerous trips including two to Cuba, New York, Seattle, Panama, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

Once Alice was held for ransom. The Key West community and Wild Life Rescue reached out to her in an unprecedented manner to return her safely to the Foundation. Alice has an amazing way of not only bringing folks together, but bringing out the best in everyone around her. Alice and the Foundation members continue to evolve after two years and visitors as well as newcomers are always welcome to join our meetings. Regular attendees carry personalized membership cards however, membership is open to all men and monkeys with opposable thumbs, capable of holding a 12 ounce beer.

Peace to the Primates!